Queen0Hearts (myw0rd) wrote in journal_request,

Layout Request

I want a really simple s2 flexible squares layout but with popping colors. Something like a pretty summery yellow (#ff6633) or orange (#ffff66) background (but not that bright, blinding yellow) and the words in my subject line like a velvet red (#cc0033) or any other color (but once again, nothing too bright and blinding) and of course with a nice font that's not too fancy that you can't read the handwriting, but also not boring like arial or times new roman. I'd like it so that you can view one post per page versus scrolling through multiple posts on a page.
I dont need a permanent font for the words in my posts, I like to switch those up from time to time =)
Really, I want it be creative. Please no extra text, I'm really aiming for a simple yet "popping" look.

Thanks so much!
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