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Layout Request

It's been a long time since I used LiveJournal so I forgot somethings, so if need be refresh my memory! <3
I would love if you could take these images and formulate a Nikki Sixx layout for me :]

- Contact Info:

- Multiple Background Images:;;

- Style: Generator

- Colors: Suprise me!  Blues, Blacks, Grays, Whites - whatever fits the pictures, please!

- Font? Again suprise me, as long as it's not too crazy

- Specifics: If in Like a bluey, gray font you could put at the top "Paging Dr. Feelgood..."
And I don't remember how to do the comments thing, but if that could be done in the layout process, make it so to add a comment, it would say "Take A Walk On" and when someone has posted one, it will then appear "Take a Walk On  / The Wildside"

Anything else, let me know, it would be much appreciated!
- Meg

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