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Request a Journal Layout or Icon's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Request a Journal Layout or Icon

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Layout Request [08 Sep 2009|03:10pm]

[ mood | creative ]

It's been a long time since I used LiveJournal so I forgot somethings, so if need be refresh my memory! <3
I would love if you could take these images and formulate a Nikki Sixx layout for me :]

- Contact Info: OhhMeg69age@aol.com

- Multiple Background Images: http://www.allposters.com/IMAGES/SIGPOD/MOT-149.jpg; http://www.allposters.com/IMAGES/SIGPOD/MOT-142.jpg; http://www.allposters.com/IMAGES/SIGPOD/MOT-120.jpg

- Style: Generator

- Colors: Suprise me!  Blues, Blacks, Grays, Whites - whatever fits the pictures, please!

- Font? Again suprise me, as long as it's not too crazy

- Specifics: If in Like a bluey, gray font you could put at the top "Paging Dr. Feelgood..."
And I don't remember how to do the comments thing, but if that could be done in the layout process, make it so to add a comment, it would say "Take A Walk On" and when someone has posted one, it will then appear "Take a Walk On  / The Wildside"

Anything else, let me know, it would be much appreciated!
- Meg

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[08 Sep 2009|02:34pm]

-contact info (aim): becauseofcabaret
-contact info (email): gracearuiz@yahoo.com
-url of background image: none
-style of your journal (generator, modular indent, etc.)- generator
- colors- text box- black outline, white background , black font
- fonts- tahoma
- anything specific (lyrics, borders, etc.): it's very simple, i would just like the layout to look like this one (http://umbrellaa.livejournal.com/)
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Request [05 Jul 2009|04:20pm]

Hello. I am new here.
I want a bjork layout.
I want it to have either one of these pictures included in it:
I would like it to say: Sweet like harmony made into flesh
I prefer it to be Flexible squares or smooth sailing
Any color is fine

Thank you in advance!!
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[03 Jul 2009|04:14pm]

Hi I'm new and am looking for a super cute layout. I love the color pink and I love almost anything FF, my fave characters are yuna, cloud, rikku, lulu, so something with those would be awesome.... so thanks in advance. Ohh and I already found one, but it didn't work, which is why I'm looking for another layout.

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Q [24 Jun 2009|02:45pm]

hi all
can anyone tell me how to change the pic. that's next to the user name??
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Icon Please ^__^ [23 Jun 2009|07:42pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Okay, so Ive looked everywhere for a nice icon..it took me awhile to find the one i have now, but I sorta want to change. I want something Jrock related (if u dont know what that is then just ignore the request, but if u do continue-->)  1 specific band member, from any vk band, preferably a good looking creepy person..lol...I wont be that picky, but I would like if the main focus color of the icon was either blue or something very colorful..>.< I like colors...well thats about it. thanx

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[23 Jun 2009|04:33am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Okay so I'm really new to LiveJournal and I need a beautiful layout to start. I searched everywhere but I cannot find any layout that look like the one I want. I want something crazy, something colorful. I want something like a modern Alice in Wonderland, with beautiful fashion models and ballons, giant mushrooms and candies. But for the background, it would be perfect if it was completely different, like a victorian pattern in gray, something to make a lot of contrast between the two styles: colorful Alice and elegant Victorian.

I would love to have the entries to the left, so everything else will be to the right. No preference border, just do it like you feel it. I have a free account, just to specify =) So the design needs to be a s2 smooth sailing (because I'm too stupid to get the others ones working uu'') and the font...I love trebuchet. My screen resolution is 1280x800. If there's something else you wanna know, just email me at madness.vipera[at]hotmail[dot]com ! Thanks in advance to anyone who will try/do it =)

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Pretty Layout [08 May 2009|06:48pm]

I'd really like something like this: http://community.livejournal.com/luvin_layouts/

But with different colors. Electric blue frames around the boxes, dark blue background, white heart instead of a flower. Style as flexible squares with a side module with my userpic, my name and my bio visible on the right-hand side. Links Comic Sans size 12, white normal, electric blue hover, black visited. Text Comic Sans size 12, white. Also instructions on how to use it. 

...Please? xD

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[04 May 2009|07:55am]

Page Title - This as a header - http://i451.photobucket.com/albums/qq239/Anachlirium/header.jpg
Where would you like the entries? - (center, left, right.)  Centered would be lovely.
Border - (Dashed, dotted, solid or none) Solid.
Border Size & Color - (1 being very thin, and 10 being the thickest.) Four, vivid purple.
Link Colors - Light purple [think lilac]
Cursor- Dark purple.
Background color - Black
Background color for journal entries - Black
Font, font color, and font size -  Papyrus, vivid purple, 12.
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Alice in Wonderland layout [20 Mar 2008|02:55pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Would anyone be able to make me a Disney's Alice in Wonderland layout? No specific preferences other than to have Alice in it. Have fun and be creative with it! Thanks in advance.

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Layout request:Juno [20 Mar 2009|10:28pm]

[ mood | listless ]

If it wouldn't be a big trouble, could someone please make me a Juno (film) Layout?
I only have a few specs for it:

Flexible squares:
Juno and Bleeker (Paulie)
Background: Orange and white stripes


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Layout Request [19 Mar 2009|12:26pm]

I want a really simple s2 flexible squares layout but with popping colors. Something like a pretty summery yellow (#ff6633) or orange (#ffff66) background (but not that bright, blinding yellow) and the words in my subject line like a velvet red (#cc0033) or any other color (but once again, nothing too bright and blinding) and of course with a nice font that's not too fancy that you can't read the handwriting, but also not boring like arial or times new roman. I'd like it so that you can view one post per page versus scrolling through multiple posts on a page.
I dont need a permanent font for the words in my posts, I like to switch those up from time to time =)
Really, I want it be creative. Please no extra text, I'm really aiming for a simple yet "popping" look.

Thanks so much!
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[21 Feb 2009|03:33pm]

I was wondering if someone could make me a s2 flexible squares Wall-E layout. I have a few pictures under the cut to use as a header, other than that I'm not too picky so long as the colours are similar to the header. And maybe, if it's not too much trouble, a matching "Friends Only" banner. Thank you in advance ^_^

Pictures under hereCollapse )

I will be sure to credit the maker of the layout I am using.
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Jorma Taccone [21 Feb 2009|02:09pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I am in much need of a new layout. It would be very nice if someone made me a Jorma Taccone layout. He's the person in my icon, from The Lonely Island with Andy and Akiva. I honestly don't care about the colors, which template to use, anything. Just a simple layout with Jorma as the banner would be Ka-Blamo.
I have AIM if you want a specific picture or something, whaa the deuce
Or you can talk to me on lj via my journal.
I'll be sure to credit :D

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Layout request [20 Feb 2009|11:53pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hi! I'd like to know if someone could make a Joker/Batman layout for my LJ. I have a plus account, and I'd like something centered on the purple, green and black/dark grey colors, with nolanverse Joker in multiple scenes and Batman just around the corner... I'm not good at pointing out graphic details, but whoever can help me, I'm up for a chat. And thanks a lot in advance!^^

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Simple Request [07 Feb 2009|10:09pm]

I am looking for a simple layout s2 flexible square/smooth sailing

Color scheme: should be all grayscale

With sidebar and nav bar

Customized comments page

THE CATCH: I need for there to be room for a 800x300 banner that I plan to change often

can someone please help me out? I'll credit like mad.

contact: kirkclark[at]embarqmail[dot]com
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[05 Feb 2009|07:33pm]

Hey, I'm in need of some assistance!

I need a new Panic at the Disco layout. It should have the band on it...I know it seems obvious, but I've seen some retarded ones. Anyway, I'm a fan of the horizontal columns. And if you feel like getting extra creative, you could add any of the lyrics from the album "Pretty.Odd." because I'm pretty much in love with it.
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Journal Request [18 Jan 2009|07:19pm]

Hey there,

I would b so thankful if you could help me. I would like to get a layout in the colours: purple, violet and lilac, also a bit pinkish would be fine. it should fit to my user pic. nice, elegant and warm. also i am a fond of the 50`s if this is helpful. for questions plz contact me :)

thank you soooo much
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layout request?? help? [06 Jan 2009|04:44pm]

[ mood | confused ]

hi i'm a livejournal newbie xD
can i request a layout that looks like this?


IF YOU HAVE PROBLEM, PLEASE EMAIL ME: xoxoknlove@yahoo.com

^^i made it with GIMP the design and text and everything. **red text are guides to make it easier for you xD

banner: http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/2391/layoutpreviewbannerid2.png


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HI!! [21 Nov 2008|07:09pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

Heyy there people IM new!! And i was wondering could someone make me a colorful DBSK layout. 
  DBSK is a Korean band. If you could i would REALLY love you!!!


 Just make it bright and pretty. =D

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